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In the middle of brake job--NEED HELP!

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Alright, I'm doing the following to my 93 SLC (W/ABS):
Replacing rear pads with Mintex
Replacing rear lines with Neuspeed SS
Replacing front rotors with ATE
Replacing front pads with Mintex
Replacing front lines with Neuspeed
Replacing fluid with ATE super blue
I have finished the rear and have started the fronts. I'm going to have 2 extra line segments. A freind thinks these lines go in the rear over the torsion bar. Is this so, and do I have to take everything apart to replace them or will those segments go in without removing the calipers?
Second, I have never bled lines before. I need VERY specific instructions for replacing the fluid in an ABS car. The extent of my knowldege is the location of the bleed screws, the location of the resevoir, and the order for bleeding (farthest wheel first). Could someone please provide DETAILED instructions for replacing the fluid and bleeding the lines--don't assume I know anything other than the above!!
Much thanks for the help.
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Re: In the middle of brake job--NEED HELP! (VR66m!)

Re: In the middle of brake job--NEED HELP! (Josh[deady]Able)

Just put those lines on my 92. I left the two that you are reffering to off because Neuspeed is so good at never sending diagrams or instructions. Bleeding them sucks! Good luck.
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