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Infant Seat Installation Questions in the Treg

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Borrowing from another thread...
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originally posted by spockcat

I don't know about you but I grew up in the pre-carseat age and lived to tell about it. Hey, we didn't even use seatbelts back then. Maybe using the carseat in a rear seat next to the door would also make it easier on your wife. Maybe not all the time but when she is popping the baby in and out of the car alot during short trips.

originally posted by S4inSoFla:
Not good advice. It's always better to distance a baby from the impact areas, this means the middle of the back seat is the best place. Chances are that in a Touareg or similar european SUV a baby would be safe sitting on a door, but with one baby I wouldn't risk it.

While the middle of the rear seat is generally considered to be the safest place to put a baby seat, the Touareg manual makes no reference to installing seats using LATCH in any place besides the outboard seating positions. Furthermore, the LATCH compatible Graco car seat manual I have reads:
LATCH is defined as anchorages 280mm (11.02 inches) on center. As a manufacturer, we do nt recommend using the LATCH system in the center position if it exceeds this length
I measured the spacing between the LATCH anchors and found the two outermost anchors (e.g. outboard seating position) measures 11". Using the two innermost anchors (e.g. center seating position) results in a spacing of close to 17".
Now this is probably a stupid question, but does this mean that we must use the more traditional shoulder seatbeat attachment if we want to keep the car seat in the middle? Or should we continue to use the LATCH system, but only on the outboard seating positions?

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Re: Infant Seat Installation Questions in the Treg (mml7)

We have always used the middle position with our Safe Embrace II seat and it locks in rock solid. When I had the Touareg last week we used the middle position and getting our son in and out was a bit easier than in our Passat Wagon. It would have been even easier in an outboard position. BTW, statistically if you can't use the middle position, the passenger-side rear is the next safest position.
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