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Hi, i've got a mk3 race car with a mk1audi tt 225 4mo system in it. Because i was dealing with making the rest of the car work, i did not bother with making the haldex work as the factory intended. So i blocked the oil passage and locked it.

As time has passed i learned that the logic is call contained in the module on the rear end and uses info from canbus to decide what to do.

I am using a megasquirt 2 for my ecu which can generate canbus signals. My question is what parameters does the haldex need? My guess is wheel speed and vehicle speed only? Any chance it would work based on vehicle speed only? I don't have any wheel speed sensors or abs system on it....

I'd like to get it working properly as i am finding it understeers in tight corners, which i believe is related to the locked center, and would like to try and sort it.


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