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Injector Sizing & Junkyard sources

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Hi all,
I am planning a 2 liter ABA 16v turbo, I still have a lot to figure out, but have some general ideas.
The thing that confuses me the most is Injector sizing. I will be using a fuel management computer similar to SDS, so my injector control is completely at my fingertips.
I plan to make 200-300 hp (probably end up in the mid 200 range) plan to use 8:1 CR or so (whatever the ratio is with a 16v head on a stock ABA block..)
so, my questions are:
a) what size of injectors should I buy
b) what is a good source for these (other vw models AND other junkyard cars)
c) any gotchas using a 1.8 head with the scirocco intake? (cis injector holes)
Sorry for the basic questions.
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