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Here is my car:

I got rear ended just a little while ago, guy was cool about it, comes out to about 1600 CDN in dmg, so I talked it over with the guy, and he was cool with taking the money and modding, the guy cut me a cheque for 1600, which was the avg amounts for quotes, I get awesome dealer pricing, so I can fix it myself, I just need a new rear bumper, bumper support, and a few rub strips. I can pull of that fix myself for about 400 and a few days work.
I'm a broke student so have not alot of other money to invest, only skills, I can do almost all of my own stuff, like painting, so its basically free to me as I already have enough paint to do my car like 3x over already.
So since I can still drive the car, and a bit of duct tape on the inside of the bumper skin makes the damage almost unnoticeable, I am looking at the body kit route, so I need a new rear (either OEM or otherwise) but I may need the OEM anyways cause it needs to mate onto it. So whats some advice from the peanut gallery.
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