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Re: (BahnFIRE)

I'm going to replace my suspension in a couple weeks too. I've been looking around and have to make a decision on what I'm going to buy.
My criteria is:
Stock ride comfort (I currently have the sport suspension)
Slightly lower ride (just a little maybe 1.0")
Less body roll on hard corners
My options:
Bilstein sport struts and H&R sport springs
Bilstein sport struts and APR roll control springs
I was hoping that a few people could make comments on both so I could make up my mind. I'm not familiar with any of these brands and can't say that buying suspension kits is an easy thing to do. Once it is installed, there's really no going back.
On my last car I had an Eibach pro-kit and KYB AGX adjustables. That car had the harshest ride ever. My wife hated it so much that she rarely would ride in the car. That is why I'm worried about the springs here. I'd like to try the roll control springs but, fear that they may be softer than the sport ones. I'm also afraid that the H&Rs may be too hard for when the family is in the car.
Comments anyone?.....

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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