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Installing a shift light

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I just want to install a shift light on my dash. I'm talking JUST the light, not a whole new tach.
Where could I get a shift light that can be adjusted for use with the stock tachometer? I've seen these lights on those big 5" tachs that some people have, but I haven't seen anyone with just the shift light.
Has anyone done this? If so, any pics or information would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Installing a shift light (djGolfGTI)

call me retarded, but what the hell is a shift light for? does it just tell you when to shift in order for the RPMs to be right at the start of the powerband for the next gear?
Re: Installing a shift light (jetta_fiend)

A shift light is used to indicate the optimum shift point. Some people simply set it to come on a few hundred rpm before redline. Others set it to come on at, what they feel, is the best rpm to shift to keep the engine in its powerband.
A shift light is mounted in the driver's field of vision (usually on the dash or a-pillar).A properly placed shift light allows the driver to maintain concentration on the road instead of looking down at the tach.
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Re: Installing a shift light (djGolfGTI)

i am currently using a shift light made by pivot.
it's compact and uses single led.
it's very useful.
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