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Installing ABT lip

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Hey guys, I got one of these from a buddy brand new. I was wondering how you guys installed these things. Mine came with a tube of some kind of adhesive. Supposed to be good stuff, but I was wondering if there is a less permanent way of fitting it? I'd like to do Euro bumpers soon and I don't want them stuck on my car forever. Any other mods I should do to make it fit better? I test fitted it today and of course it doens't fit very well being a made for the euro market part. Any sites anywhere with install tips? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Installing ABT lip (MYK)

it installs just like the fitment of a Euro VR6 chin spoiler.
Take off the stock lip, use your exacto knife to cut the potruding line. and apply the glue to the top of the lip to make it hold better.
The side of the lip will not fit flush since ours is US bumpers, but its close enough http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
If you have installed a Euro VR6 chin spoiler, you'd know what i mean
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