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Installing Bilstein PSS9s (Rear strut assembly and removal of adjusting head)

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To put the strut together in the back it says you have to remove the adjusting plate. I have to go get an allen wrench to remove the threaded pin(B). The thing I am skeptical about is the adjusting head (C). It says, "The adjusting head (C) must be fixed by an appropriate tool (SW 21) to release the conter nut (D;SW 17)."
Now this might seem easier than I think, but i haven't got the threaded pin out yet, to acutally see what it is I have to do. I'm just wondering what you have to do to remove the adjusting head. Thanks.
Also I'm still not seeing where these zip ties go on the front coilovers.
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Re: Installing Bilstein PSS9s (VeeDubBBoy)

I haven't done the install myself, but Roger Moore really did a nice job of documenting the PSS9 Install with Pics: http://bambergvr6.50megs.com/bilstein_pss9_coilovers_suspensi.htm
I realize you don't have a Mk IV, but I Hope it helps some.

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Re: Installing Bilstein PSS9s (Y2KVR6GTI)

it's about a 2mm allen to get in there
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