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Im getting ready to install a new intake and exhaust for my 99 Passat but i cant find anyone that makes an intake system for my car. I found a bunch of exhausts but no intake. Does anyone one know of who makes em. Also can somone recommened an awesome exhaust for my car. Thanks
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No one makes an intake for the 1.8T passat because no one can show a benefit over the stock set up on dynos. So no P flows or anything like that. Get a K&N and thats all you really need.
Some people do something called the Minnesota Air Box Mod, where one saws off part of the MAF inlet. Same performance, slightly different noise. I wouldn’t bother. I think instructions are on clubb5.com
as far as exhausts, thats a wide open opinion issue.

actually HKS, Evolution Motorsports, and LLTEK (looks the same as the EVO) makes intakes for the 1.8t. as for the benefit, probably not noticeable. i had the HKS intake and it didnt do much for power. it just made the PSHHHHHHHHT sound more audible.....fwiw i just switched back to the above mentioned Minnesota Airbox mod and a regular k&n drop in filter.

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