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intake for a tdi

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I am thinking of getting an intake. Is it worth getting one? What are the horsepower gains from the tdi? will it cause any problems?? A friend of mine told me that an intake in a tdi gives about 3- 5 hp
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Re: intake for a tdi (speedR)

Well, in my case and after some experimenting on the dyno with my car and a friend´s TDI, we both recahed the same conclusion: no gains at all, even if well vented and heatshielded..
It seems to me that the stock airbox is not restrictive at all, even the new PD150 engine uses the stock A4 airbox/snorkel..
On the goodside, a cone filter has a cool induction sound and the the turbo lag seems to improve a bit..it´s your choice!
Re: intake for a tdi (TDIracer)

Do you happen to know anything about the Viper CAI system. What are the horsepower gains? http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: intake for a tdi (speedR)

The post immediately above would suggest that the gain is practically nil. I tend to agree.
Having said that, I've got a Pipercross cone filter, in order to use the space where the airbox normally lives for something else, and also to minimize the work that the turbo has to do.
Brian P.
'96 Passat TDI mit UPsolute
Re: intake for a tdi (speedR)

A static test on a dyno may not represent real world conditions. Some tests done at speed indicate hp increases. As far as the Viper is concerned check with Valois on the TDIClub forums.
Re: intake for a tdi (Craig)

Please share the tests done at speed that show HP increases. During the past two years I have seen others post info. that indicates the stock box and intake are more than adequate even if the car is modded. If no performance gain is achieved with mods to the box and intake then why throw money at this area?
Re: intake for a tdi (Craig)

Cone intakes and so-called cold-air-intakes have not been proven to increase horsepower on any VWs that I know of. They are mainly for show, increased noise and more room for other mods. If you look at the no-BS VW tuners - Techtonics, Shine Racing, AutoTech -, these guys do not sell cone intakes and recommend saving your money. It is no coincidence that the folks that sell cones - Neuspeed, ABD, etc... - also sell show items like clear taillights, carbon fiber engine covers, ultra-lowering springs and 4" exhaust tips. Save your money.
Re: intake for a tdi (speedR)

high-flow intakes primarily benefit the high-RPM range, where TDIs fear to tread.
Re: intake for a tdi (tadc)

does it sound cool, any louder....any sound change?
Re: intake for a tdi (tadc)

Yea, sure that maybe some gains at speed with some intakes, but these will be very hard to feel, even on seat of the pants dyno..and a far stretch from the +20hp!!!!!??????? gain reported (gteched) by the PiperX Viper..don´t make me laugh, not even a TB (tuningbox) will gain you that..LOL
Get a cone filter to improve throtle response and cool? induction noise, otherwise stay stock..once again, do you think VW would have kept the stock airbox on their powerfull PD150 engine (~140hp whp) if it was THAT restrictive!?

My .2 cents

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Re: intake for a tdi (TDIracer)

quite true....how would a Neuspeed P-flo sound and work.....im going for pure sound, rather than total performance....
how does the induction noise sound?.....like a more turbo noise, or like a vicious "im mad" noise?......similar to how a Civic would sound?....ya i know, but its the only comparison ive heard....
Re: intake for a tdi (Zuber Speed)

Re: intake for a tdi (speedR)

Like somebody mentioned earlier, cones free up few hp at high end where TDIs can't get. On VR6 they show some gain if properly set up with heat shield. It's not much but then again on most cars you can't just up the boost with chip and get 20hp so there is a need of getting small hp increments with numerous mods. Cone is one of them and does work but it's not a cam or a turbo. A buddy of mine with a TDI says that his cone makes car more responsive but not much performance increase. I would say the same thing about my coned VR6. But also you have to consider that cones show more gain at higher states of engeine tune. Usually the more modded and powerful engine is the more air it needs the more cone shows gains.

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did you ever consider a BMC CDA Box

works pretty well and used a lot in europe for tdi's

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here a link for some dyno results with the 1.8T.....

as well as customers voices


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Re: here a link for some dyno results with the 1.8T..... (RS-Ralf)

I have to agree with Ralf about the BMC CDA intake. It's used on all kind of cars in Europe including the TDI's. Right now there is an introductory price for the intake of $198. Usual price is $229. Also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as it would be risk free.
On the BMC, the filter is surrounded by a carbon fiber box which protects the filter from engine heat. Then there is a hose that connects to the stock snorkle to the box.
If any questions about the intake please call Ralf at 330-628-0155 or just post on this thread and have the questions answered for everyone to see.
Re: here a link for some dyno results with the 1.8T..... (bluejetta95)

Are there dyno or 1/4 mile time comparing BMC CDA to stock and/or PiperCross, K&N on a 1.9TDI. I saw the results for 1.8T and they look promising but the TDI performs different than a gasser.
Re: here a link for some dyno results with the 1.8T..... (Mr Bubblehead)

Well, on a friend´s TDI110 w/TB just like mine, showed no improvement at all using the carbon fiber BMC airbox with the cold air duct.. He noticed a slightly improved response, but no real gains.. He sold it and went back to stock setup.
At least it looks very cool underwood..
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Re: here a link for some dyno results with the 1.8T..... (Mr Bubblehead)

sorry, not yet. but it work's very well.
bmc is very well known in europe and we just started in the us market. and.....we garantee your money back within 3o days if you are not absolutley satisfied.
just let me know if you have more questions.
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