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Performance nutters may grouse but car manufacturers can't really deny the high-efficiency end of the automotive market. For September's Frankfurt Motor Show, each of the German heavy hitters pulled out a lightweight and super efficient concept and in Audi's case it was both coupe and spyder version of the Audi Urban Concept. That Audi wasn't the only Volkswagen Group brand exhibiting such a car in Frankfurt likely suggested that the group as a whole was considering some sort of sub-MQB and sub Up! platform for these little city cars. Further, recent intel from various sources including CAR Magazine's Georg Kacher suggest Audi will build a limited run of the little car in series production.

As part of a story published this week by CAR, Kacher details his driving impressions of a non-show stand yellow-painted prototype dubbed Engineering Experience Module. Kacher sounds positive on the car's production potential though doesn't reveal much detail about the platform save it shares components with VW's XL1 concept (and likely the Frankfurt VW Nils concept).

Other intel in the media (we found at GermanCarBlog.com) suggests more detail, including a plan to build 999 copies and sell them for 9999 Euros each.

So What Do We Think?
We're unable to confirm the news published by GermanCarBlog, and they found it further in the European press. Undoubtedly though, we'd be surprised if Audi wasn't making moves to build out its e-tron line of electric cars and such a city car makes sense at least for Europe.

Read more of Kacher's report and also the GermanCarBlog piece after the respective jumps.

Full Story - Georg Kacher Driving Impressions at CAR Magazine

Full Story - Production Intel via GermanCarBlog.com
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