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Hey guys. So I installed my FMIC a couple months back and the up-pipe going into the intake manifold that came with my kit has a bung that, I'm assuming, is for a MAP sensor. From what I understand, the AEB does not have a MAP sensor, and so I had to create a half-assed blocking plate using a thin piece of aluminum sealed with gasket sealer, and a couple bolts to seal it up. I'll post pics of the mess later.

My question is, am I correct in saying that the AEB does not have a MAP sensor? And if so, does anyone know where I could purchase a replacement pipe without the bung, or an actual blockoff plate?

I'm using the CXRacing FMIC kit with piping. They have not been much of a help and response time is very slow. I'd be glad to spend a few extra bucks to have this done right because it really bothers me.

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