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im trying to figure out how to rig up an IC spray system.
im going to use this button: the W
so the W would stand for water

and the intercooler spray would be toggled.
what do you guys think i would need to make this work?
im thinking a generic water resevoir hooked up to a windshield spray pump, and with a nozzle directed at the ic?

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Re: intercooler spray (TerryWood02)

Quote, originally posted by TerryWood02 »
Like this idea a lot. For a good 12v high pressure pump, check out a local surplus store or american science and surplus online. They have 12v washer pumps that will give you a good spray

You don't need a "high pressure".... just a generic one from an auto parts store will work.
Then get the accuspray nozzles with the crack valve. This prevents your "other" nozzles from leaking everything.
If you are very adventurous, you can install an intelligent mister so it will work automatically. These have sensors that you mount in your i/c fins.
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