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What inter coolers are you guys using in your A2's? I'm thinking of putting one where my AC condinser is once it is removed. Does anyone know what size the AC condinser is?
Let me know what you guys are doing, post some pictures and give me some ideas.
Thanks, John.
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Re: Intercoolers (john stephenson)

on another, similar note (and I know this sounds a little girlish...) Does anybody have a FMIC and have kept your A/C....??
I know there's very little room, you boost freaks would kill me but I would go with a smaller IC and less boost to keep the A/C, mainly because its a street car (meaning the wife must, on rare occasions, ride in it, so it MUST have A/C)

So, is there anybody who has A/C and an FMIC? What type of FMIC did you use? I'll be using it on an OBDII X-flow in an A2 GTI....
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