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So I took on the challenge of cleaning and detailing the interior of my sister’s 2004 Volvo S60. She’s owned the car since new and it’s never been cleaned properly.

I removed the front seats and that makes it so much easier to clean the carpet. After removing the junk I gave it a good vacuum and followed that by spraying Chemical Guys Lighting Fast stain remover. That was agitated with a drill brush and soapA and dirt were extracted with a Bissell AutoCare SpotClean vacuum. I’m thrilled with the results and I removed a ton of dirt from the carpet. In fact, all these years I assumed the carpet was beige but it is in fact grey once the dirt is removed!

For more detailed photos, check out my blog at www.car-mudgeon.com

Disclosure: I purchased all my detailing supplies and tools myself. I am not promoting any products, just telling you what I used.

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