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interior / door question

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my 1992 g60 was hit in the driverside door and someone has graciously offered to sell me his 1990 door. both cars are black. My questions are...will his door fit perfectly in my car? and are the black interiors from 1990 the same ones with the red details?
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Re: interior / door question (stock60)

please somebody help me
Re: interior / door question (stock60)

The door will fit, and you can just switch all the interior parts from your old door to your new one.
Unless the accident ruined your door panal aswell
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Re: interior / door question (stock60)

Leather or cloth? Mine had leather and did not have red details, but would match my 93. I think the red details you refer to are on the cloth, though, and as I recall from my C shopping several months ago, the 90's had the red detail, too.
Re: interior / door question (VR66m!)

one more simple question: will the exterior color be the same for both blacks? or should i just repair my door
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