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Re: Interior: Golf to Jetta (D ZIGNER)

Quote, originally posted by D ZIGNER »
The GF is looking to get a leather interior for her '02 Jetta wagon. This guy on eBay has 4 actual seats and panels from a '00 GTI. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors...&rd=1
Excuse the ignorance, I'm a B5.5 guy and am just getting up to speed on the Mk4.
Would the seats work in her car?

The seat will work BUT the pannels won't. Also the GTI seats have the fold up option, that you don't need in a Jetta.
$900 + $175 shipping for all that is not bad. But you'll still nead the leather steering wheel....
Also in the Mk4 Classifieds Bora-Brazil (?) has OEM Recaros for $1200 SHIPPED, but that is just the fronts

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