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Interior modifications help!

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Hey everybody.
I have 03 GTi - love the car but have a slight problem - I'm 6'7" tall
and sometimes it seems that it's just not enough room for me.
The question is... Is there any way to move the seat a liitle bit further back than it is right now ? Has anyone tried it ?
Any suggestions ?
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Re: Interior modifications help! (vanyok)

Remove the driver seat and sit in the back!

Bet you haven't heard that one before... There has to be a way to do this by realigning the seat on the rails. I'd ask your service department.
Bump for you. Good luck! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Interior modifications help! (sebastianjbauer)


Not gonna work
... I mean I'm tall but not that tall

Modified by vanyok at 6:33 AM 7-9-2003
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