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Hey Guys. I have a Passat 16vt with digi fuel injection which I just bought off a guy about 2 months ago. Once in awhile, when my engines warm and I go somewhere, shut the car off for about 10 minutes, and then go to start it, she won't start. The engine cranks over, but she doesn't want to fire up. I have spark. If I then leave it for a bit, sometimes it decides to start. I figure I have some kind of fuel issue. Maybe vapour lock?
Next time this happened, I decided to pull the fuel line off of my rail and release the fuel pressure(fuel shoots out everywhere). Then I go to start it up and it fires no problem. So I do that everytime it happens. But I gotta figure this out. Any ideas?
If it helps, I checked puel pressure when the car's running and it's at 80PSI.
Help anyone? Thanks in advance , i appreciate it
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