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Re: Intermittent wipers. (flippined)

Got owner's manual? It explains the programmable wiper delay.
Pushing the lever down gets you the standard delay. If you want to change the delay time, push the lever back to off. It must trigger a wipe when you do this, if you do it just after a wipe it might not work. This begins a timer inside the wiper relay. Wait until you want it to wipe again and push it back down. It should now wipe at that delay until you change it or turn off the ignition.
I never did like this system because you inadvertently change the delay when you're in light misting rain or just catching spray after a rain. You have to turn off the wipers at a traffic light so they won't chop, then the light changes and you need them again. You have just changed the delay and need to set it again. I quit using it a long time ago. Why can't they just give you the variable delay that all other cars have?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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