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So I'm having my VR6 pulled out this winter and built up and made SC ready, ported - polished - bored over - cams - etc. etc... Here's my concern though, I've had several different people tell me conflicting things so I thought I'd ask for input for fellow texers. What is the biggest I should go with the boring? I was hoping to go to a 3.1 but now I'm afraid that that may make the walls too thin for the increased pressure the SC will produce. Would 3.0 be OK or should I play it safe and just go to 2.9? Any input would be appreciated, I want to make sure to make an informed decission so that I can get the most power possible.
Also, what else should I consider having done to the engine - Plasma ignition coils, Diverter Valve??? I want to make sure I've addressed every possible issue before putting the motor back in while achieving maximum power and reliability.
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