On Sunday night in Detroit, Volkswagen's new CEO Matthias Müller told journalists that the company was sorry for letting down customers, authorities and the general public here in the United States at the company's annual Group Night event.  It was just the latest in a long line of public statements from the brand's board, offering reassurance that the problem is under investigation internally and steps are being taken to fix all affected models.  After his speech, he sat down with National Public Radio for a quick interview, discussing Volkswagen's efforts to regain the public's trust.

Among other things ( full transcript can be found here ), Müller says that he's been working "day and night" to change processes within Volkswagen, to ensure that something of this magnitude does not happen again, and touting the appointment of Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt as the board member responsible for Integrity and Legal Affairs.  He also confirmed a meeting with the EPA for this week, the result of which would determine whether or not the internally-created fix timetable would be possible.

For those seeking the entire interview, a full transcript with audio can be found over on NPR.org .