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Is a Corrado guage cluster a direct bolt in swap for a GLI 16v dash? (ie. interchangeable)

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My GLI 16v gauge cluster has crapped out on me and I can get another one but before I do, I was wondering if the Corrado cluster will be a direct fit in terms of fitting the GLI dash. Also, will it hook up directly to my GLI in terms of all the wiring, MFA, and speedometer cable? I took out my GLI gauge cluster to find that the only thing hooked to it was the speedometer cable, a wiring harness, and vacuum line. Does the Corrado cluster work the same way?
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Re: Is a Corrado guage cluster a direct bolt in swap for a GLI 16v dash?

I'm currently doing this in a 91 Jetta GTX... I'll let you guys know how it turns out.
What I found out until now: You need a Vehicle Speed Sensor from a A3 golf to get the speedo readings. You also need to modify the wiring to accomodate the two signal lights.
To get it in the dash, i'm still clueless. I got a passat cluster cover, fits right in the A2 dash with some little modification (i.e. dremel). My worries now is to make the cluster actually hold in the dash.
Any suggestions appreciated!
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