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Is applying different types of wax a bad idea?

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Let's say you use some 3M swirl remover, then follow that up with a coat of Carnauba wax, is this bad or defeat the purpose of either wax? When you guys put multiple coats of wax is it always the same type? Thanks.
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Re: Is applying different types of wax a bad idea? (tastydub)

3M Swirlmark Remover (Perfect-It) contains no wax and offers no protection. Like similar products from other brands, it's a light polish (less than a "rubbing compound") and glaze and is used as a prep for your paint surface prior to sealing with a wax or sealant glaze. You should always follow up with a protectant layer(s) of wax or SG.
I use multiple coats of Klasse SG. You can put carnauba on top of KSG but not the other way around. You could probably mix brands of carnauba but why would you want to?
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