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Is secondary air injection triggered only on cold starts?

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Like the topic says, I drove around all day over the weekend and no code after i cleared it on the first start. The car never sat long enought to get really cold. But running around town, I probably started it at least 5 or 6 times.
Car was in Syracuse, highs last week were in the 40's for the most part.
I bring this up because I need inspection. If I clear the car in the morning, I think it may pass later in the day as long as the engine maintains some heat throughout the day. What do you think?
This may sound lazy, I don't have a garage to do work with my new place. Days are to short and to cold to be outside with the radiator hanging when the sun goes down.
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Re: Is secondary air injection triggered only on cold starts? (grateful1)

The Bentley says that it will also come on while idling after the car is warmed up.
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