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Is there any camber kits for mk4 golf/jetta ?

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I hit a curb and my gti is now pulling a lil to the left, the alignment shop asked me to get the kit. I dont know where to find one, anyone can help? thanks
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Re: Is there any camber kits for mk4 golf/jetta ? (Retro)

as said above, there shouldn't be a kit...I haven't taken apart a MKIV but I assume that they are similar to the older dubs and have an eccentric bolt in the bottom of the strut. By rotating the bolt you change your camber. As above if the car is beyond this ajustment you may have some damage...but that should be detectable by a good alignment technician. Not to point any fingers but you may want to try another shop If they don't know how to ajust the camber and can't get the car to go straight they may not be reliable. They should be able to atleast get the camber even left to right. The car should not pull... If you have excessive camber the car may be darty but there's no reason for it to pull.
This is all based on an assumtion that the struts have an eccentric ajustment. And that you haven't lowered the car some ridiculous amount. That could make the Camber hard to correct
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