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Thought I'd try a different waxing routine with the following steps for an upcoming show (this won't be a regular routine)....
1) Mothers clay bar
2) Meguires scratch X
3) Meguires Gold Class (2 coats)
Will this work well? Suggestions on other steps would be appreciated. Also, I've never used a clay bar before, so is there any chance I can cause damage like swirls and stuff with this thing???

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Re: Is there anything wrong with these steps?...... (C-town Driver)

Clay bar will not induce swirls unless you get grit imbedded in it. Make sure the car is washed and rinsed well before doing it. The clay bar will pull all kinds of contaminants from the paint. Good claying tips here
Try using Dawn Dishwash soap before and after the claying.
If your using scratch-X for existing swirls you won't have any perminent luck it is very mild and has fillers. It will work as a temp fix for very minor imperfections.
The key to a good finish is the prep. I will post a page for you to read on it.
Also you didn't indicate your car color. I have used Gold Class on black and removed it in a couple days. I didn't like the lack of depth and also if the car is datk and there is any imperfections in it the GC amplifies them.
If your into this at all .. try reading at http://www.autopian.com there is very good "how to's" there under the learn button.
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