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I have a head from a 91 jetta that came out of a crazy
rabbit I had a while back. The rabbit had dual
sidedrafts and a Bellevue Motorsports header on it
with this extremely aggressive cam. The lifter buckets
on the head are ground away to clear the cam lobes
cause this thing has so much lift! I haven't been able
to identify the markings on the cam yet but I've been
told that it could be a Drake piece. The rabbit had a
Drake Engineering adjustable cam pulley on it when I
had it. The head has a couple collapsed lifters and
probably a broken valve spring because of this cam!
The previous owner of the rabbit is the founder of
Dubsquad. He posts on the Vortex under the name
16veebunny. The car had to idle at like 1500rpm but it
would break the tires loose in 2nd if you rolled onto
the gas @20 mph or so! and this was with 205/40r16
toyo proxes T1's! It had a stock 10:1 1.8 91 jetta
bottom end with an unported head. kinda wierd...but it
hauled ass. I'm trying to get some more information
about the cam. I'd be willing to trade it plus the
head for that tranny I think. If you spent a few bucks
on the head to have it rebuilt/ported/polished with
some Techtonics valve springs and this Mystery cam
your Jetta would scream!
Does this sound right? does this sound like an awsome head? Would that be a good deal for an audi 4k engine and tranny that have been lying around here for a couple of years? Let me know what you guys think.
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