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is this rice?

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Re: is this rice? (joeZX6)

Re: is this rice? (joeZX6)

thats the stupidest car I'v ever seen
Re: is this rice? (ampedG60)

im speachless...um i like uh uh uh..
Re: is this rice? (BadAssCorrado)

quote:[HR][/HR]yes joe.[HR][/HR]​
c`mon billy ....you`ve got a 1988 honda and a 2000 firebird hood, sooner or later somones gonna put em together
Re: is this rice? (joeZX6)

I wonder what the muffler shop said when he told them how he wanted his exhaust done!
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Re: is this rice? (joeZX6)

one really long word: BWAHAHAHAHAHHAA!
Re: is this rice? (KidCorrado)

The funny thing is i can make that same car out of LEGO.I think it was part of the spaceship series.ooooo that brings me back. LEGO'S RULE http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: is this rice? (KidCorrado)

at least its symmetrical...2 of everything on each side...notice the 4 hood pins? and 2 fire extinguishers...and 4 round ovals hangin from the spoiler...i tell you one thing...i would be afraid to race this car.
i dont need one of those pieces fallin off and hittin my tires
Re: is this rice? (BLUE NRG)

That's not rice, that's just ugly.
Re: is this rice? (AndrewT)

is that a step bar i see don't those belong on trucks
did this kid go to like an autoparts store and buy everything he could find to add to the car
Re: is this rice? (yello90g60)

Oh no! It's the return of the green slime! (i thought i killed it!)

[Modified by zarman, 10:08 PM 11-28-2001]
Re: is this rice? (zarman)

know the sad part? he probably thinks he has the illest, dopest, phattest, pimpest car out there...>sigh< hes a lost individual
Re: is this rice? (joeZX6)

Those fire extinguishers are there because everyone who sees it wants to set fire to it.
Re: is this rice? (Davidss)

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
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Re: is this rice? (vw4sport)

What the h**ll!!!???
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Re: is this rice? (Neo)

Ah Christ! Do you have to post crap like that

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Re: is this rice? (niels)

Come on guys, your always talking sh*t about other peoples rides...i mean come on to each his ..........sorry couldn't do it with a straight face. Where's the laughing histarically smily face???
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