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Is this why my rear rotors a lil iffy?

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Is this why my rear rotors are a lil iffy?

ok, so I was drivin along with the GF the other day... shes got a 16V turbo convertable
and I noticed that her right front brake was gettin a lil noisy. No big deal, I told her to tell daddy that she needed new pads.
She came over this afternoon and told me about how she has 2 new rear calipers. Aparently her dad didnt have the time to do a brake job so he took it to a shop. There the monkey decided to just press the rear piston back instead of turning them. That ruined the two rear capliers... 200some dollars later everything is fixed and her dad went ape****.
I told her "yeah I gotta do that (turn the rears) on my car" then I realized that I remember just putting a big C clamp on the rears a LOOOOONG time ago. When I was doing my first brake job, before I knew.
Could this have messed up my calipers? Neither one of the rears are TOTALLY shot, but I would say their 1/2 way there. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?

oh yeah and that 16V Turbo 'vert my girl pimps...

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Re: Is this why my rear rotors are a lil iffy? (Dieder)

wait...... so your telling me that you have to turn the caliper piston and not press it with a c clamp or special tool thing, this would be good to know since i plan on doing my pads, and rotors soon,
thanks, joe
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