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Is your GTI front end centered L/R ?

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After installing H&R coilovers on my 2000 GTI I've noticed that
the drivers side wheel is more to the outside than the passenger
side wheel. I'm wondering how others cars are. I've considered
loosening the subframe again and shifting it as much as possible
to the passenger side. I'm sure that when I dropped it to put in
the H&R swaybar I put it back exactly where it was. Probably
didn't notice the offset before because the wheels were much
farther from the fenders. The whole subframe deal bothers me.
There should be some alignment pins like the steering rack has
to position ot exactly where it needs to be. Nobody's be able to
tell me how the subframe is positioned at the factory when the car
is assembled. For all I know (assuming I'm the only one with an
offset front end) mine was put together off from the beginning.
Anyway, if you can, please take a quick look at your car and post
what you see.
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