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I knew there was an I-Mark with lotus suspension, howerver I was out today and in a parking lot I saw an Isuzu Stylus (first time I've ever seen this car or heard of it) and sure enough it had a Lotus badge on the fender saying how it's tuned by lotus.
Apparently this is the succesor of the I-Mark...learn something new everyday.

Re: Isuzu....stylus? (RedIrishman)

The Stylus was basically a sedan version of the second-generation Isuzu Impulse/Geo Storm. It used the same engines (a 1.6-L SOHC with about 100 hp and a 1.8-L DOHC with about 140 hp, IIRC) and had the same suspension tuning and weight. There was also a scorcher version with the turbo 1.8-L and AWD that was available in the Impulse, but that didn't leave Japan AFAIK.
These cars are pretty fun to drive, and hold together fairly well. The downside is the drivetrain has a level of "refinement" that makes an early Saturn SC2 seem almost Lexus-like in comparison.
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