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ISV re-route parts

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So I bought an ISV re-route kit from Advanced Tuning Products, I just liked the look of it more than the T piece BBM and ND sell -- http://www.vwturbo.com/products/details.asp?id=69&cat=10
Well, brilliant me ... the ATP kit doesn't come complete with everything needed. I'm short the plug/cap thing to block off the old connection. I don't know where to start looking for one as I don't even know what it's called.
Can anyone help me out with where to get one or what exactly I'm asking for?
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Re: ISV re-route parts (Blown6T)

I have the same ISV-Re-route kit from them. I used a rubber cap I found in the plumbing dept. of Home Depot. Or if worse comes to worse you can use a coke bottle cap (plastic) until you find a better solution.
Re: ISV re-route parts (TexasCorradoG60)

I used a cap from an auto parts store. I think it was a water line cap or a very large vacume cap.
Re: ISV re-route parts (Blown6T)

yea home depot like i told you ...
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