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it cranked, and now it wont?? help!!!

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okay not long ago i finally got my 84 scirocco to turn over... i stupidly used the started motor to move the car (put it in gear and cranked the motor) for about 10 feet maybe. anyway, i ended up killing the starter, so i replaced it. the starter that is on it now works, but i still can't get it to turn over again. the battery is fully charged too. when you hold the key in the start position a relay under the dashboard starts clicking after about 30 seconds, and continues to click at about the same speed as when the turn signal is on as long as you hold the key. the relay has 3 prongs and has 37 on it. the part # of the relay is 813 906 064, i'm not sure what it's for. i tried replacing this relay with one from another car but still nothing, clicks the same as the original. i was thinking maybe i'd fried the relay too. does anyone have any ideas of what could be going on?
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Re: it cranked, and now it wont?? help!!! (turboScirocco)

The alternator and idle stabilizer only come into play once the car is running; sounds like the solenoid on the new starter is bad, take it back, and take the extra hit for a factory Bosch unit, they're the only ones that are worth a damn.
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