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So I figured I'd start a thread to show how far the car has come since It's been a little over a year since I first bought it, before this I'd switch cars every 2-3 months or so and never acctually put time, money, attention into a car.
I couldnt find my old build thread so I made a new one

A quick story about how this became mine. I remember knowing the original owner in high school back when I was like 16 or 17 and at the time I had a 2000 mk4 2.0 automatic Jetta. He wanted a bigger car so I offered to trade him..That didnt happen. So he kept the car. A year or so passes and he decided to put the car up for sale, so I sold my car at the time
(mk3 2.0 jetta)

to buy it, he changes his mind.

So I buy a 96 gti vr6(first vr6 :D)

I drive that for about 3 months and decide I want out of the Euro scene so I trade my cousin straight up for a pretty good condition s13.

I loved the car never let me down and was pretty fun and all stock. Full interior, ac AND power steering and power everything. I had that for about 8 months and even though I knew I shouldnt, I wanted back into a VW. I came into some money and 2 days after that the orginal owner puts the car up for sale again. Keep in mind this is about 3 years after I first wanted it and could never get it,I call him and bought it flat out for $3400. Came with some 17x7 ATS wheels, GIAC chip, 268 cams, Pelequin lsd, bigger upgraded manifolds(upper/lower), apex springs w/ bilstien struts and a book of recipts for all the work done.
And this is where I started

I finally had the car I wanted for years, so I jumped right into modding bc I knew I was going to keep it.
First thing was get that spring/strut combo out.

And in with the Rokkor coils( that rode like **** btw) but for $268, whatever.

After that I wanted some nice wheels, at the time I didnt know about reps, fake splits, knock offs, etc.
So I bought some 16x9 Miro stp1's in 16x9 all around +25 offset.
And some Falken 912's in 205/40/16 to get that streeeetch

2 days before IFO on the way to work this happens..

I hit a random wheel hub, yes wheel hub on on the road I couldnt avoid it it was hit it or get into an accident.
So I showed up to IFO tucking the ugly ass 17's

I repaired the wheels sometime after and rolled on them for a while until I found out they were fake splits and was like :mad:

I sold them with tires for $1000 took a $150 loss but who cares.
Then these came into the picture :)

fronts- et 15
Rears- et 10
I ended up getting stage 1 solid mounts so I could go lower, these solid mounts raise the motor 2 inches

So this is what I call my "trendy ugly stage"

Stickers everywhere, roof rack, tow hook...fail all the extra **** had to go so I started doing work. Slowly but surely.
Cousin repainted the front end

I did the diy Ecode lights(black back ground) and painted my badge black
In proggress

Got a little lower and got got flat center caps for the Schmidts so you can see the concave better and ended up landing on Canibeat from their Simply Clean 3 coverage. :dancing_pedobear:

I had been peicing together my bag set up for a few months now and I wanted it done for Fixxfest this year, my favorite event.
So since a friend that was going to do the install broke his ankle, I asked my buddys Will and Christian to install it since I dont know how to do any of that ****.

I have more pictures but I'm to lazy to dig all that up.

Air lift struts
manual management
400c compressor
5 gallon tank

They got it done 1 day before Fixxfest and I was so happy :dancing_pedobear:
The tires on the Schmidts were holding me up, the managment wasnt done and still isnt done completely as well as my false floor. I told them, I want it for Fixx, doesnt have to be pretty I just wanted it.

After Fixx I called up a friend of mine bc I wanted a few shots before I changed up wheels..again.

h by Broken Volkswagen, on Flickr

6408596265_ec0e3df5d6_b by Broken Volkswagen, on Flickr

6408596649_528cc9af70_b by Broken Volkswagen, on Flickr

6408595871_fdb4057c62_b by Broken Volkswagen, on Flickr

Not 2 weeks after I get my bags in, I sprung a leak. Defective bag. Just my luck. I'm calling air lift Monday to get that sorted out.

I left out a bunch of stuff I did do that you cant see. I've replaced just about everything on this damn car. Wheel bearings, control arms, 3 sets of axles, every sinlge suspension bushing, and to much **** to list. I also did a suede headliner and pillars from alot of help from Sam :thumbup: That I dont have pictures off..I just realized that.

This build would not have been possible without first and foremost my Mother. She's helped me out of tight spots when this car took a **** and I was flat broke. And if the car was ever down she'd lend me her car to drive to work and such. :heart:

Secondly, my friends. Ceejay, Sam, Will, Christian, my cousin and my girlfriend for putting up with me and the car and all the bull**** :heart: just so many others that I cant think off but those people come to mind first. Un-like most people, I'm grateful for what I have, it might not be the best out there but its something that Ive worked hard on and I'm happy with it. It has a long way to go and I'll keep updating this thread every so often. I have big plans for 2012 and I'm not missing SOWO or H20 this year so I'll finally get to meet some of you guys :wave:

The Schmidts are gone as of yesterday and I got my new set up dailed in, going out for some pics later today so stay tuned! Feel free to comment I'd like some feed back :) Haters gon' hate :wave:

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very very nice my friend! good job! one of the cleanest iv seen!:thumbup::thumbup:
Thank you sir :beer: I still have alot of work left in front of me, but I'd say I completed the goals I set when I first bought it :)

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this just made me wanna keep my gti again....

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beautiful car. love it with the modernlines. im getting a 16/9 set all around myself in the spring, as you know. :wave:
Yep :D And thanks!

Make sure you dont get +25 offset wheel for the fronts if you have a vr/and or vr calipers/brake set up or they wont clear! :thumbup:

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itll be on my vrt, so most def wanna avoid that. thanks for the heads up :heart:
No problem, I ran the +15 offset in the front with the +25 offset wheel in the rear WITH a 15mm spacer.

Final ets were

I also ran -3 camber up front to get the tire to sit inside the fender. You dont need that much but...:p

Let me know if you ever need help :thumbup:
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