Audi-owned Italian coachbuilder Italdesign has released a teaser image for its next product, which it plans to show at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show.

Unfortunately, this teaser image doesn't give us a very good idea of what Italdesign's latest creation looks like. It's hard to even make out what it is that we are looking at, to be honest. To our eye, this looks like the top-down view of the vehicle's rear right quarter panel, but it's hard to say. Whatever Italdesign has planned for Geneva, we know it will have a vent of some sort and red bodywork. Neat.

This vague teaser image is one of many that Italdesign plans to release in the weeks leading up to Geneva. On its Facebook page, the company said it will post details of the new project once a week until its debut in early March. That means we'll see at least six teaser images of the new Italdesign vehicle in the next month and a half.

Last year in Geneva, Italdesign debuted the Lamborghini Huracan-based Zerouno Duerta - a convertible version of the hardtop Zerouno. The automaker could be set to debut another supercar like the Zerouno and Zerouno Duerta, then, (this is Geneva after all) or perhaps it will branch out into sportscars, coupes or sedans.

Stay tuned for more information as the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show approaches.