Tired of lifted off-road wagons pretending to be SUVs almost as much as you're tired of SUVs pushing the station wagon to the wayside? How about one that's Audi A8-based. With a W12. Yeah, we thought that would get your attention.

Castagna Milano is an Italian carriage builder that creates some very interesting special models. And we do mean carriage builder. The company says it started back in 1869. When two horsepower meant eight legs. Models like a classic 500 Jolly-inspired open-top, no door car based on the current Fiat 500. Or a 500-based limo. Or a two-door coupe based on the four-door Rolls Phantom. So yeah, they build weird stuff.

Their latest, posted to Facebook, is an A8 Allroad, sporting the W12. The company isn't saying much about it, not even if they're actually building it, but the hashtags #bespoke and #oneoff imply that they'll be making at least one.

It's aluminum and carbon fiber and looks to be based on the latest version of the A8 sedan. The dark roof finish makes it look like that extension is the carbon bit, and we certainly hope that would be the case.

Under the hood is Audi's 6.3L W12, which offers up 493 hp and 461 lb-ft of torque stock. More than enough to drag the kids and the dog wherever you need to go, very quickly.