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Itty-bitty Ford hatchback?

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Couple months ago there was a post about that new little Ford hatchback?
Looked like a Focus only about 2/3 the size. Festiva or Fiesta maybe?
Does anyone have any pics or links?
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Re: Itty-bitty Ford hatchback? (AshlandSi)

There is a Fiesta and a KA. Try Fordeurope.net pics of all. Maybe it was a Puma!
Re: Itty-bitty Ford hatchback? (AshlandSi)

Ford Ka?

maybe the puma?

even the fiesta?

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Re: Itty-bitty Ford hatchback? (jaydub)

The Fiesta.....have any 2 dr pics?
Re: Itty-bitty Ford hatchback? (AshlandSi)

sounds like either the Ka or the Fiesta.
This is the Ka:

This is the previous Fiesta (Mk5 model, the one sold in the US was the Mk1):

The Fiesta and Ka are mechanically similar, while the Ka is smaller.
The Festiva was a Mazda-engined Kia, totally unrelated to the Fiesta.

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Re: Itty-bitty Ford hatchback? (AshlandSi)

all i found were 4-door.
Re: Itty-bitty Ford hatchback? (AshlandSi)

The new Fiesta, coming out in May here:

Initial engines are:
1.3l Duratec 8V 58hp
1.3l Duratec 8V 68hp
1.4l Duratec 16V 80hp
1.6l Duratec 16V 100hp
1.4 l Duratorq TDCI DIesel 68hp
MOre powerful engines will come out later, as does the 2 door (not presented yet) and the Fusion MPV.

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Re: Itty-bitty Ford hatchback? (Eolair)

Is it just me or does the new Fiesta resemble the new Polo a whole lot??? A lot of VW lines in the body and interior. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
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Re: Itty-bitty Ford hatchback? (NegatiZE)

why won't we get that here....
Re: Itty-bitty Ford hatchback? (speedracer82)

The Ka is a cute little car, it has the old pushrod 1.3 motor that's been used by Ford Europe for years. The new Fiesta will be a serious Polo rival, but it needs the Focus' 1.8 and 2.0 engines to make it come alive.
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