Friend of the site and all around VW wizard, Jamie Orr will be taking over Volkswagen Motorsports’ Instagram feed throughout the day tomorrow, Wednesday, June 3.

Orr is one of the only personalities to take over the feed who isn’t a world- or series-champion, so it’s a big deal that VW Motorsport is recognizing the enthusiast community.

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week our channel will be taken over from a fellow from the US. • #Instagram #Takeover #Jamie #Orr #Volkswagen[/URL]

A post shared by Volkswagen Motorsport (@volkswagenmotorsport) on Jun 2, 2020 at 7:07am PDT

Previous hosts have included Benny Leuchter (who set a FWD record around the Nurburgring in a GTI Clubsport S), Tanner Faust (rallycross champ and R brand ambassador), and Romain Dumas (who holds the overall Pikes Peak record and the electric Nurburgring record thanks to the ID.R). So, it’s no small honor to be asked to do this.

Orr will be posting throughout the day, talking about his current projects, previous travels (like his drive from the top to the bottom of South America), and his daily routine. He’ll also be sharing some news about his upcoming projects, which, if history is any indication, should be pretty good.

If you’re not immediately familiar with him, well you should be. But Orr has been importing rare European cars through his business Orchid Euro for years . He’s also the leading authority on Harlequins, and you may also remember him as the guy who drove an Audi hearse around the Nurburgring with a bunch of friends.

If you do know who he is and have been following his daily IG Lives at 5, fear not, because even though he’s taking over Volkswagen Motorsports’ IG doesn’t mean he won’t be handling his own.