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jaysleeves - Timeline - 2004 Jetta GLS

Thought I'd finally make an actual build thread. Bought the car in June 2010 with 110K km's (68K miles) and today it has 137K (85K miles). Bought it from a dealership, something about that woodgrain with that Red Spice paint and tan interior really popped for me...even though I had a 2slo Galactic Jetta with tan interior for 6 years before this car I swore I wouldnt get another tan one, this one just worked! It had the 1.8T so I was good to go. On to the pics!!

First day home:

Then I did couple small things, tried out these chrome mirror caps and added a stubby antenna:

Winter mode for the one winter I drove it, then came the ST Coilovers!

Here it is with the coils installed, 10mm f and 20mm r spacers on 225/45/17's. Added a 4Motion lip and the Beetle Headrests

Then came the C5's with Motorsport Tech 33mm f and 38mm r adapters. 205/45/17 f and 215/40/18 r. I had the wheels repainted and I did the centercaps with the red ring to match.

Couple small changes, textured a grill black that I picked up. Put the stock mirror caps back on. Haha couple stickers too cause I'm oldschool :p

Time for a couple more mods! Got flashed with Unitronic Stage 1+, BFI Stage 1 Dogbone & a Podi boost gauge. Slapped an AEM cone filter on the MAF. R32 Pedal set:

Finally, time to get bagged! Did the install with the help of a few good buds. Added a 3 spoke GTI steering wheel, door sills and monster mats. Installed Votex roof rack and custom fit Thule fairing. Got my GLI Rear Valance, GLI rep skirts and 4Motion lip all color matched.

Picked up a set of HID reps and went back to the LB's for winter mode/hibernation.

Winter hibernation again and the hoarding of parts begins! Sold the C5's, enter the BBS RS 700/701 that I had redrilled, lips polished & centers and hardware powdercoated. New BBS center caps and Falken 452 tires, 215 & 225/40 18's on 8.5's and 10's.

Did all the work myself except the exhaust. Before and after shots of the bay:

Then the R32 Seatts happened!! Used my tan plastics from my stock seats, didnt fit perfect but worked pretty well. Had the shift boot done to match.

Picked up a euro rub and had it painted and installed:

Took a few shots myself:

Then had a shoot done with Jim Madded @sorehands for Watercooled Society :D

Full spec list!

Car specs 

2004 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8T AWP
LA3W Spice Red Metallic w/chrome rubs

K03s turbo 5 speed manual
Unitronic Stage 2 Tune
3" 42 DD turbo back exhaust
Forge turbo hoses (red)
AEM dry flow short ram intake
Diesel Geek Sigma 5 short shift
Pwrhaus side mount Intercooler
Pwrhaus diverter valve
Pwrhaus coil pack adapters
Oem red top coil packs
NGK BKR7E gapped .40
Polished intake manifold
New South Power Gasket
BFI stage 1 dogbone mount
New oem motor mounts
SAI/Evap/N249/N80 deleted
Injector wires tucked
42 DD stealth catch can w/silicone hoses
034 Motorsport block off plate
Audi R8 Oil/Coolant caps
JCaps p/s cap
Forge washer bottle cap
Engine cover/throttle body painted gold
Magnetic drain plug

Accuair Elevel Touchpad Management
Air Zenith 2nd gen compressor
Bag Riders 5 gallon tank
Polished water trap
Airlift Slam XL front struts
Air Assisted Canada Firestone rear bags
Bilstien rear shocks
R32 lower control arm bushings
Sway bay deleted
Frame notched passenger side

BBS RS 700/701 RSII's redrilled 5x100
Powdercoated gold centers
Powdercoated silver hardware
BBS red/gold center caps
Polished lips
Fronts 18x8.5 215/40 Falken 452 et 19
Rears 18x10 225/40 Falken 452 et 25
3mm spacers up front to clear caliper

Oem 4Motion valance color matched
Oem Euro Rub strip
Oem GLI rear valance
Optikwerk GLI rep side skirts
Oem Votex roof rack
Custom fit Thule fairing
Volx chrome headlights with fogs
Glass headlight lenses with Laminex
GLI tail lights
Textured front grill
De-badged trunk lid
Polished stubby antenna
Pulled/rolled front fenders

3M woodgrain interior kit
Tan leather R32 front seats
GTI 3 spoke wheel
R32 shifter wrapped in tan to match
R32 pedal set
Podi Indigo column mount boost gauge
Oem Monster Mats
B6 Audi S4 rear headrests
Chrome Euro switch
Chrome window switches
Chrome gas/trunk switches
Chrome mirror adjustment switch
OEM Sunglass holder
Autobraun Jetta chrome door sills
Arm rest deleted with OEM pocket

Car Audio:
Pioneer App Radio 2
Alpine MRD M1000 mono amp
Alpine Type R 10" sub
Stock interior speakers


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:laugh: Thats why I don't add a thread title until I'm done with it, can't accidently post!
haha good advice! went to hit preview and hit submit instead! DOH!!

Bout time tho.
Right? Haha wanted to wait till I had this photo shoot done :beer:
Looks Great!!! By far my favorite color on these cars.
For sure, mine too :beer:

Awesome :beer::beer:

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Good **** man. Keep up the work. Awesome color combos happening.

Amazing how that black grill cleaned up the front of your car.

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killer work :beer: im thinkin a woodgrain steering wheel would round out the interior quite nicely :popcorn:

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