JE’s new forged pistons for the Volkswagen 1.8T, 2.0T FSI, 2.0T TSI feature dedicated forged-side-relief designs for an immense boost in strength. They are specifically engineered for high-boost, high-horsepower applications and feature JE’s groundbreaking Perfect Skirt coating for reduced friction, quieter operation, and ultimate, 2618 strength.

What is a Forged Side Relief?

JE’s new forged side relief design is an evolution of previous full-round forgings that offers excellent strength with less weight. By forging the pin towers closer together and using FEA testing to incorporate rigid internal bracing, a shorter, lighter wrist pin can be used, significantly reducing rotating mass. This is paired with double-broach pin-oilers to improve oil flow to the wrist pins.

Revolutionary New Skirt Coating Standard on All VW FSR Pistons

All Volkswagen FSR pistons will come standard with JE’s patented Perfect Skirt coating. Unlike any coating before it, Perfect Skirt is compressible and allows a 2618 piston to install with piston-to wall clearance close to that of an OEM cast piston. What does that mean? Perfect Skirt–coated pistons will run quieter, last longer (due to vastly reduced skirt wear) and won’t register any false knock signals. The coating also bolsters lubricity, reducing friction and increasing horsepower!

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