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Passat W8 6-speed, 01E, pretty sure internals are similar to other 6-spd 01E's (but bell housing different)

Scenario 1:

Car at full stop, idling in neutral
Press clutch to floor, shift into 1st gear
There's a "jerk," not quite a "grind," but car may lurch a bit if foot is not on brake
This is not a "quick shift" but just a lazy, normal driving, not in a hurry shift

Scenario 2:

Car at full stop, idling in neutral
Press clutch to floor
Wait 2-3 seconds
Shift into 1st gear
Usually no jerk

For scenario 1, I would guess the input shaft is still spinning when I shift.

Is it normal for it to take a couple seconds for the input shaft to stop spinning after the clutch has been pushed to the floor? I don't think so, never noticed that on another car.

Could there be a problem with the throwout bearing or the pressure plate not letting go fast enough?

As I understand it, the clutch hydraulics share fluid with the brakes. Brake fluid is not low. Brake and clutch pedals feel normal. Could a little air be in the system, causing the throwout bearing to respond sluggishly?

No problems shifting once I'm in 2nd gear or above. 1st to 2nd has always been tricky to not grind sometimes, but as far as I know that's common to 01E's with these gear ratios. (1->2 is too short.)

BTW, clutch/pressure/plate/flywheel/throwout bearing are all new as of about two years ago, installed by a master VW mechanic. (With new engine, not because clutch failed.) Transmission is not new or rebuilt and has close to 160K on it.

Any ideas?
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