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Re: Jetta 2.0 Mods (matt007)

Yeah, go check out Mk.3 forum. As a 2.0 driver, my suggestion is save up
for forced induction if you're interested in straight line performance, and want
an impressive quarter mile time. If you know a mechanic, and understand
a lot about how turbo-chargers work, go with a turbo kit. If you'd like it
simple, get a super charger setup. My suggestion is attend an auto-X/SOLO II
event, run a few times in the stock class, untill you're confident of your
driving skills, then get H&R coilovers or cupkit, Neuspeed or Shine sway bars,
16" wheels (BBS is the ultimate, if you can't, go with Borbet) with sticky Z or
WR rated tires (Kumhos are great and cheep), and add in a K&N air filter and
(pick your own) exhaust system, along with an ECU reprogramming, and run
in street prepared class.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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