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I live in Utah, and need an all-season. I was planning on using a set of 16" Ronal wheels with a 205/45 tire, but I'm beginning to think I should just put a wider tire on my stock 15" BBS (OEM 205/50) like a 215/45 (would those fit?). I've narrowed the 16" tire selection down to:
Toyo Proxies H4 $472 mounted, balanced, lifetime flat repair, etc.
Nitto NT 450 $346 shipped
Hankook Ventus K102 $324 shipped
The toyos are my favorite, but I can't find them at a price comparable to the other selections. I was also considering going the route of Dunlop SP Sport 5000s: get an all-out performance tire and have it siped. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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