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Jetta Clear Tailights + Paint = IDEA?!

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I dunno if anyone has thought of this, BUT, Wet Works Garage normally darkens tailights for a nominal fee (usually a deeper red or smoked). Now, I was thinking about obtaining some Jetta Hella Clears and painting them at the shop. I was thinking red, clear, red. or smoked, clear, smoked.
I dunno just a thought.
btw, for non-locals, Wet Works does much of the work you see in euro magazines, from bmws, porsche, vws, and more.
you'll find a pix of tailights here.

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Re: Jetta Clear Tailights + Paint = IDEA?! (NiteQwill)

Dammit!!! Someone took my smoked clear smoked idea!!!!
Re: Jetta Clear Tailights + Paint = IDEA?! (vertigobora)

BTW, I have this photoshopped at work. It's looks LOVELY!
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