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So, I've been chasing down some water leaks in the Jetta. Basically it came down to outside water getting in, either through leaks in the sunroof drain system, or up through the floor.
I started out with the common problem of blocked "nipples" on the sunroof drain hoses, checked all nipples and all seemed to open fine and be clear of debris. so I started squirting water down the tracks to the 4 drain holes using a 60ml syringe. Water came out of all the nipples, although it seemed to be alot less than I was putting in on the front drivers side one. So I pulled off the nipple and there was no hose connected. Now, the hose is about an inch shorter than it should be IMO and there's a chance it came off as I pulled the nipple out but it may have been partially off or hanging above the nipple in the frame. As I had been squirting water down the track I was seeing some water coming out the bottom of the frame.
So now I know there's drain issues there, the question became where else is it leaking from. So how do you check the hoses and connections???? Take the ENTIRE interior out!!!
So over the last 2 days I have completely gutted the interior of the car. There is nothing left to the interior except the dash/wheel/pedals etc. (note: re-installed drivers seat to go pick up another vehicle) I have a feeling there were numerous incidents in the past where water had gotten in and to be sure there is no mold etc underneath the entire interior is going to be dropped off at a detailing shop for steam cleaning.
Followed DIY instruction off the Tex. They were helpful for the most part but missed a few things, or had some things different. (now, DIY was from a 2001 and mines a 2005) I have to say, I though I'd have alot more problems than I did, or break alot more parts. If nothing else, My car is gonna be SUPER clean when isgoes back together.
As for leaks, I had wet carpets in the driver side front and rear, and the rear passenger side. If the front nipple was out it could have soaked those drivers side ones but dunno if the water could make it over to the other side. I also found some slight leaking where the rear passenger hose connects (pic to follow) and where the front hose adapter connects to the tray.
For the upper leaks I'm going to use some silicone and cover the areas and I think that should cover those. For where the lower hose came out it is put back in, but I think the connection (its just a plastic hose pushed into a rubber connection) is not very tight and could come out again. Maybe some epoxy or silicone in there? ideas?
Now for pics.

Here's what a MkIV Jetta looks like with no interior:

Where the rear driver side leak is (note drop of water at green/white meeting)

2 penny's that were under the under padding, obviously been under there for some time wet

Carpet after first coming out, note the wet spot under the drivers feet

Now there are these rubber gromets all over the floor, I'm guessing they are for draining if water did get in there or something but could water not get back up in from there? Any one that does not look like its well sealed I'm thinking of spraying with some rocker pannel coating or something to seal them all up. Thoughts?

These 2 had water all around them, but it stayed there so if there was a leak I'm guessing it would drain out.
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