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I brought a 99.5 Jetta at 40k miles that had been driven most recently by some teens learning to use a clutch. I figured I would eventually need to replace the clutch but it was a good deal.
I'm at 78k miles and still going strong. But the clutch does not engage until the pedal is almost fully let out. I don't notice it slipping during initial acceleration. When driving on the highway, if I take my foot off the gas and then pop it back on there is a kind of "bob" or lurch to the car that feels almost like a small slip. I chalked this up to the MKIV being so heavy in comparision to my 86 GLI. I do know what a slipping clutch feels like because my 86 GLIs clutch was almost out before she died.
How do you know when the clutch is going out? Is there anything that is typically adjusted in the clutch/tranny system to change the engagement point?
edit: I do have the Bentley but I'm disappointed with the one for the MKIV compared to the MKII. Maybe I need one of the "general howto" manuals from Bentley to go along with it.

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