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I have this car for five years now... Did not have any problems the first 3 years. Now I am experiencing some starting problems specially in cold weather:
- I have a remote starter that was installed by dealer when I purchased the car.
- The last 2 years upon remotely trying to start the car, on cold or mild weather, the vehicule will try to start (unsuccesfully) and makes a very strange noise like trying to start the car while the motor is already running. The car will actually start on the second or third try by the automatic remote starter. But no problems staring it manually.
-Also more recently, I have manually started the car (with key) and once the motor starts running a few seconds after I would ear the same sound as described above (this for a second or two). Very odd noises as if the starter system is cranks on its own.
I was wondering if anybody had experienced these kind of problems and if so, what could be causing this kind of weird behaviour?
Any help would be much appreciated.

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