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jettas early morning breakdown....help

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ok so im driving to school today and everythings normal and all of the sudden the engine shuts off and my oil light comes on and the check engine light. so i coast onto a side street next to a gas station.i check my oil and its below running level.so i buy a quart and put it in. and it wont crank over.just sounds like the belts are moving not clicking like a dead battery. any ideas on what this could be.??
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Re: jettas early morning breakdown....help (timowen)

check and see if your battery cables are still attatched I took my car to get detailed one time and they did the engine bay as well. They ended up taking out the battery for some reason and did not bolt it back down so when I hit the brakes to come to a stop the battery went forward and ripped out the cable, same thing shut down just like you described.
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